ESA ELITE TRAINING will be offered throughtout CT. Elite training can be done in a one-on-one or small groups (max. of 5 players) to achieve best results. When we coach one-on-one training sessions we first want to listen to your needs and specific goals you want to acomplish. Once we pass this first stage, we focus on assessing and evaluating the players in order to design specific training sessions that will help them accomplish their goals and objectives. We can design any training sessions based on our players' needs. Our ELITE TRAINING sessions are most effective if done on consistent basis so commitment is a big part of seeing great results and becoming successful.

The training session are fun, intense, and challenging! Our training is tailored specifically to each player's individual ability. Each session will focus on improving the player's ball control which will help develop the overall player's confidence and performance. 





If you have any question and to schedule a coach please email us at info@EversonSoccer.com or call 203-298-4763.